Become A Youtube Creator

Learn to Create Your own YouTube Channel and Content

Students, do you watch hours upon hours of random YouTube videos? Do you Love to play roblox, MineCraft or Fortnite? Parents, are your children watching endless amounts of videos and playing games, and it doesn’t make any sense to you? Welcome to the year 2020 where video is the most powerful resource on the planet! This class is designed to provide your student with the tools it takes to be tech savvy in 2020. Instead of simply watching and observing YouTube from the sidelines, we provide students with the tools and strategies to command their creative flow and harness the power of YouTube!


Create your Channel, Start to Influence

This class is lots of fun and is a smash hit with ALL of the students who attend. They are able to learn so much in this class, from starting their own YouTube Channel, to video shooting techniques, how to edit videos, what software to use, how to grow their channel and subscribers. This class not only works on the nuts and bolts of YouTube, but also offers an underlying theme of internet/social media etiquette and safety, building comradery with fellow students, creating an inclusive culture among the class and learning how to critical think/brainstorm, increasing their creative passion! Enroll Now, space is limited!

If you are a local South LA business, Contact vsedc to learn how to become a client & apply for the program.

Students will learn

  • YouTube Basics
  • How gamers do YouTube
  • Fundamental Editing Techniques
  • Script writing and Story Boarding Concepts
  • How To Film using DSLR Cameras
  • How to create project templates
  • Learn to create a positive image
  • Promote your worth

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Student Testimonials

youtube testimonial

“You let us start YouTube at our own pace.”

student test

“I like about this class how we get to upload videos, learn how to edit, basically do everything about YouTube.”

student test

“Three things I think about when I think about this class is YouTube, Creativity, and working with your classmates to make videos.”

  • Dates:
  • June26-Jul17
  • Days:
  • Wednesdays
  • Time:
  • 11am - 3 pm
  • Location:
  • Seats available:
  • 15



Kris Klise
CEO,Klise Media Group

17 year veteran community/digital media

  • Video production
  • Voice over
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Media
  • Animation

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