Learn to Code By Creating Games in Unity

Unity is a popular game engine utilized by the industry's top game developers. Assassins Creed identity by Ubisoft and Hearthstone heroes of Warcraft by Blizzard were made in unity. These games are unity at its best. The level of detail and customization that's possible allow developers to make unbelievable games. Students will create a 2D galaxy space shooter game, learning the concepts of 2D game development. They will create cinematic explosion effects using the animation system and will build upon problem solving technique. Following the 2d game will be our 3D first person shooter game where you prototype out your own Carrot's controller and create destructible objects while learning the overall development workflow of unity 3D.

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Misla, in partnership with Leo Sullivan Multimedia Foundation bring you a 5 week video game development bootcamp. The bootcamp introduces science, technology, engineering, art, math through the new media technology with emphasis on animation and game development. The workshops focus on exposing students to the world of animation and game production, in order to help them express themselves in a creative and constructive manner. The Animation Workshop is facilitated with close supervision by Leo Sullivan and volunteer gaming engineers This bootcamp is good for those interested in careers as

  • Audio programmers
  • UI programmers
  • Gameplay programmers
  • AI programmers
  • Storyboard artists
  • Game writers
  • 3D artists
  • Backend engineers

We are accepting students 18 & over. Minors under 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Must be 10 or older to apply. Full and partial scholarships are available in exchange for volunteer work and apprenticeship.

Students Learn:

  • Beginner C# concepts, like variables, "if" statements, and arrays
  • to Create power-ups including triple shots, laser beams, speed boosts, and shields
  • Create enemies with basic AI behavior
  • Implement sound effects, background music, and particle effects
  • Navigate the Unity Engine and discover unique features like the Asset Store
  • Detect collisions, receive user input, and create player movements
  • Apply shaders that transform your game backgrounds
  • Activate and use Unity’s Team Collaboration service
  • Deploy your game to over 20 web or mobile platforms

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Student Testimonials


Misla is a great place to learn how to code. The instructors are very smart and patient with us.

Cameron Smith- Age 15
Aspiring Engineer

The instructors really help with code and teaching...stuff...anyway they are very funny and helpful (in funny ways) its fun!

Jaiden Smith- Age 10
Coding Student

Coding was hard at first, but l caught on and now it’s simple. Our project is amazing!

Sha’seana Kerrh- Age 18
CEO Babysit N Snip
  • Dates:
  • July24-Aug14
  • Days:
  • Wednesdays
  • Time:
  • 11am - 3 pm
  • Location:
  • Seats available:
  • 15

Lead Consultant (Instructor TBD)


Jonathan Jennings
Software Engineer

7 years Video Game Programming Experience

  • AR/VR
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Core Mechanic Programming
  • User Interface Engineering
  • Multiplayer Programming

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